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Author Title Pbld I/O
A4 Geoff Bertram Is Economics Still a Branch of Moral Philosophy? (19pp) 2011 Out
A4 Noel Cheer (Ed)  Newsletter No 92. January 2011. (12pp) 2011 In
 A4 Jeanette Fitzsimmons Humanity at the Brink: It’s a Question of Values. (12pp) 2011 In
 A4 Lloyd Geering Who Was Nietzsche, What Did He Say and Why Has He Been Called the Awakener and Creator of the New Life-Values? (6pp) 2011 In
 A4 Bob Lloyd  The Growth Delusion. Powerpoint slides print-out. (8pp) 2011 In
 A4 Various  Conference 2012. The Revaluing of All Values – What Values Do We Need to Survive? (14pp) 2012 Out
 A4 James Veitch Who Did Jesus Think He (Really) Was? (16pp) 2012 In
 A4 Val Webb  Crisis, Conflict, Creativity and Compassion. Paper presented at the 2011 Conference (12pp) 2011 In
 Izzeldin Abuelaish  I Shall Not Hate. A Gaza Doctor’s Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity (237pp) 2011 In
 Barrie Allom Beyond Belief (266pp)  2002 In
 Karen Armstrong  The Battle for God (371pp)  2000 In
 Karen Armstrong  Islam. A Short History (161pp) 2000 In
Karen Armstrong  Muhammad – A Biography of the Prophet (266pp) 2004 Out
 Karen Armstrong  A Short History of Myth (149pp)  2005 Out
 Karen Armstrong  The Great Transformation (399pp)  2006 In
 Karen Armstrong  The Bible (229pp)  2007 In
 Karen Armstrong  The Case for God. What Religion Really Means (316pp)  2009 Out
 Karen Armstrong  The Spiral Staircase (Last recorded as returned 3/10)  ? Out
 Marian Barnes  God or Codswallop: That is the Question (50pp) 2003 In
 Stephen Batchelor  Confession of a Buddhist Atheist (240pp) 2010 Out
 Borg and McKenzie (Ed)  God at 2000 (160pp)  2000 In
 Marcus J Borg  The God We Never Knew (225pp) 1997 In
Marcus J Borg  The Heart of Christianity. How We can be Passionate Believers Today 2004 In
 David Boulton  Faith of a Quaker Humanist (Last recorded as out 10/10)  ? Out
 David Boulton  The Trouble With God. Religious Humanism and the Republic of Heaven (219pp) 2002 In
 David Boulton  Who On Earth Was Jesus? The Modern Quest for the Jesus of History (406pp) 2008 In
 Andrew Bradstock  Radical Religion In Cromwell’s England  2011 Out
 Peter G Brown  The Commonwealth of Life. A Treatise on Stewardship Economics (158pp)  2001 In
 Ian J Cairns  Mark of a Non-Realist. A Contemporary Reading of the Second Gospel (280pp) 2004 In
 Jimmy Carter  Our Endangered Values. America’s Moral Crisis (200pp) 2005 In
 Kevin Clements  Honouring the Other. 2010 Quaker Lecture (29pp) 2010 In
 K C Cole  Mind Over Matter. Conversations With the Cosmos (302pp) 1998 In
 Crossan & Reid  In Search of Paul  2004 In
 John Dominic Crossan  Jesus. A Revolutionary Biography (201pp)  1995 In
 John Dominic Crossan  In Search of Paul. How Jesus’ Apostle opposed Rome’s Empire with God’s Kingdom (413pp) In
 John Dominic Crossan  God and Empire. Jesus Against Rome, Then and Now (242pp)  2007 In
 John Dominic Crossan  The Greatest Prayer. Rediscovery the Revolutionary Message of the Lord’s Prayer (190pp)  2011 Out
 Don Cupitt  Radicals and the Future of the Church (173pp) 1989 In
 Don Cupitt  Creation Out of Nothing (203pp)  1990 In
 Don Cupitt  Rethinking Religion 1992 In
 Don Cupitt  Life, Life 2003 In
 Don Cupitt  The Old Creed and the New (141pp)  2006 In
 Don Cupitt  The Meaning of the West (155pp) 2008 In
 Don Cupitt  A New Great Story (129pp)  2010 Out
 Don Cupitt  Christ and the Hiddeness of God (Last recorded as borrowed 6/10) ? Out
 Paul Davies  God and the New Physics (229pp) 1990 In
 Michael Dowd  Thank God for Evolution. How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World (369pp)  2007 In
 Bart D Erhman  Lost Christianities. The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew (257pp) 2003 Out
 Bart D Erhman  Misquoting Jesus – The Story Behind who changed the Bible and Why (261pp)  2005 In
 F N Fastier  From Morality to Metaethics (86pp) In
 George P Fox The Floating Church Eagles Iaruinn (Iron Church) (Scotland) (12pp) 1986 In
 Robert W Funk  Honest to Jesus. Jesus for a New Millennium (314pp) 1996 In
 Galvin & Kearns  Repainting the Rainbow. Ecology and Christian living (70pp) 1989 In
 Lloyd Geering  Machines, Computers and People (29pp) 1986 In
 Lloyd Geering  Human Destiny (42pp) 1990 In
 Lloyd Geering  Creating the New Ethic (40pp) 1991 In
 Lloyd Geering  Religious Trailblazers (48pp) 1992 In
 Lloyd Geering  Crisis in the Christian Way (52pp) 1993 In
 Lloyd Geering  Tomorrow’s God. How We Create Our Worlds (236pp) 1994 In
 Lloyd Geering  Sacrifice in a Secular world (28pp) 1995 In
 Lloyd Geering  Encounter With Evil 31pp) 1996 In
 Lloyd Geering  Does Society Need Religion? (Borrowing last recorded 2/09.) 1998 Out
 Lloyd Geering  The World to Come. From  Christian Past to Global Future (162pp) 1999 In
 Lloyd Geering Paradise on Earth (57pp) 2000 In
 Lloyd Geering  Who Owns the Holy Land (65pp) 2001 In
 Lloyd Geering  Christianity Without God (146pp) 2002 In
 Lloyd Geering The Greening of Christianity (54pp) 2005 In
 Lloyd Geering  Wrestling With God – The Story of my Life (267pp) 2006 In
 Lloyd Geering Jesus Rediscovered 2010 In
 Lloyd Geering  Such is Life. A Close Encounter with Ecclesiastes (210pp) 2010 In
 Lloyd Geering  Jung DVD In
 Lloyd Geering  (Title Not Indicated when borrowed) Out
Neville Glasgow (Ed)  Directions. New Zealanders Exploring the Meaning of LIfe (254pp) 1995 In
 Ian Harris  Creating God Recreating Jesus. Re-Imaging The Christian Way in a Secular World (102pp) 1999 In
 John F Haught  God and the New Atheism. A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens (107pp) 2008 In
 Hawking & Mlodinow  The Grand Design. New Answers to the Ultimate Questions of Life (181pp) 2010 Out
 Richard Holloway  Godless Morality 1999 Out
 Richard Holloway  Doubts and Loves. What is Left of Christianity (251pp) 2002 Out
 Richard Holloway  On Forgiveness. How Can We Forgive the Unforgivable? (92pp) 2002 In
 Richard Holloway  Looking in the Distance. The Human Search for Meaning (215pp) 2004 In
 Richard Holloway  How To Read The Bible (120pp) 2006 In
 Greg Hughson (Ed)  Conversations in Prayer (54pp) 2007 In
 John Hunt  Bringing God Back to Earth. Confessions of a Christian Publisher (320pp) 2004 In
 Elizabeth A Johnson  Quest for the Living God. Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God (228pp) 2007 In
 Maxine  Kaufman-Laciest  Refusing to be Enemies. Palestinian and Israeli. Non-Violent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation (475pp) 2011 In
 Gordon D Kaufman  In Face of Mystery – A Constructive Theology (461pp) 1993 In
 Paul F Knitter  Without Buddha I could Not be a Christian (217pp) 2009 In
 Rachel Kohn  The New Believers Re-Imaging God (213pp) 2003 In
 Bruce Lawrence  The Qu’ran. A Biography (199pp) 2006 In
 Peter Mathewson  The Finger of God in the Disruption. 1843-1993. Scottish Principles and New Zealand Reality (43pp) 1993 In
 Sallie McFague  The Body of God. An ecological Theology (212pp) 1993 In
Alister McGrath  The Re-Enactment of Nature. Science, Religion and the Human Sense of Wonder (188pp)  2002 In
 Dr Edgar Mitchell  The Way of the Explorer. An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds (216pp)  1996 In
 Albert Moore  Freedom, Religion & Spirit (83pp) 2004 In
 Morris and Grimshaw  The Lloyd Geering Reader. Prophet of Modernity (382pp) 2007 In
 Pelly & Stuart  A Religious Atheist? Critical Essays on the Work of Lloyd Geering  (176pp) 2006 In
Louis P Polman  Who Are We? Theories of Human Nature (277pp) 2006 In
 Stephen Prothero God is Not One. The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World & Why Their Differences Matter (340pp) 2010 In
 Philip Pullman  The Good Man Jesus  and the Scoundrel Christ (245pp) 2010 In
 Simon H Rae  Breath Becomes Wind. Old and New in Karo Religion (228pp) 1994 Out
 Simon H Rae  Challenge and Change. An Account of Theological Education and Ministry Training at Knox College, Dunedin, 1976-2010 (187pp) 2011 In
 J F Rischard High Noon. 20 Global Problems. 20 Years to Solve Them (204pp) 2002 In
 Chaiwat Satha-Anna  Essays on the Three Prophets: Nonviolence, Murder and Forgiveness (40pp) 2011 In
 S Paul Schilling  God Incognito (202pp) 1974 In
 David Simmers  Preaching Posts-Theism (94pp) 2008 In
Margaret Somerville  The Ethical Imagination. Journeys of the Human Spirit (248pp) 2006 In
 John Shelby Spong  Into The Whirlwind – The Future of the Church (202pp) 1983 In
 John Shelby Spong  Born of a Woman. A Bishop Rethinks the Birth of Jesus (224pp) 1992 In
 John Shelby Spong  Resurrection. Myth or Reality. A Bishop’s Search for the Origins of Christianity (293pp) 1994 In
 John Shelby Spong Liberating the Gospels. Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes (335pp) 1996 Out
 John Shelby Spong  Why Christianity Must Change or Die (228pp) 1998 In
 John Shelby Spong  Here I Stand. My Struggle for a Christianity of Integrity, Love & Equality (461pp) 2000 In
 John Shelby Spong  A New Christianity For A New World. Why Traditional Christianity is Dying and How a New Faith is Being Born (246pp) 2001 In
 John Shelby Spong  The Sins of Scripture. Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Reveal the Love of God (298pp) 2005 In
 John Shelby Spong  Jesus for the Non Religious. Recovering the Divine at the Heart of the Human (293pp) 2007 In
 Steakhouse & Knowles (Ed)  The Future of Christianity (230pp) 2004 In
 James Stuart  Making Meaning: Finding Health (64pp) 1999 In
 Swimme & Berry The Universe Story. From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Echoic Era. A Celebration of the Cosmos (268pp) 1992 Out
 David Tacey  The Spiritual Revolution – The Emergence of Contemporary Spirituality (226pp) 2003 Out
 John Teehan  In the Name of God. The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Ethics and Violence (219pp) 2010 In
Samantha Trenowith (Ed)  The Future of God. Personal Adventures in Spirituality with Thirteen of Today’s Eminent Thinkers (260pp) 1995 In
 Mark Vernon  How to be an Agnostic (260pp) 2011 In
 Neal Donald Walsch Conversations With God. An Uncommon Dialogue. Book 1 (211pp) 1996 In
 Wilkinson & Pickett  The Spirit Level. Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better 2010 In
 Tony Windross  The Thoughtful Guide to Faith (223pp) 2004 In
 Allan Yeoman  Where Have all the Christians Gone? And What Should we Tell our Children? (48pp) 1995 In

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