Aug 28 2018

Programme Change 20 September 2018

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Sea of Faith Dunedin – Programme Change

Alan Jackson

1:48 PM (26 minutes ago)

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Hello Sea of Faith Friends in Dunedin

When it was realised that the September Sea of Faith meeting clashes with the Archibald Baxter Memorial Annual Peace Lecture, it was decided to make the September Sea of Faith meting the Baxter Lecture and the October Sea of Faith meeting the one planned for September. So…

Sea of Faith meeting Thursday 20th September – Maire Leadbetter – Informed Dissent – Challenging State Secrecy 5.30pm in Archway 2 Lecture Theatre on Campus (this is the Archibald Baxter Memorial Peace Lecture).

Maire will be introduced by Prof Kevin Clements and thanked by Prof Richard Jackson and a book gift will be presented by author Dr Paul Sorrell.

Sea of Faith meeting Thursday 18th October – usual place and time – Bruce Spittle on the views of Jordan Peterson, a 56-year-old Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology as expressed in his 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.
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