Mar 28 2013

Annual Meeting Minutes March 2013

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The meeting opened at 6.25 p.m.
Present: Marjorie Spittle [Chair] and 12 members.
Apologies: Alan Jackson, Janet Wishart, Geoff Neilson, David Kitchingman.
Minutes of the previous AGM: These were read and confirmed, Marjorie/
Robin, after the correction of the misspelling of Sheila Clarke’s name.
Chairperson’s report: An addition to the report was the resignation of
Peter Wishart from the position of librarian.Peter was thanked for all the work he had done in running the library over several years.
The report was adopted Marjorie/ Ian
Financial report: Ruth Morgan presented the financial report which was
adopted. Ruth/Ian
Ruth thanked Ian Fleming for the help he gave on financial matters and
the preparation of the report.
Webmaster’s report: Ian Fleming reported that we spend $50 per annum
to keep Google advertisements out of the web site. This is a supporter’s fee and for it we also get a gigabyte of graphics instead of 500 megabytes. WordPress also has a Kismet system that stops spam. The report was accepted. Ian/ Margaret
Election of Officers:
Chairperson: Gretchen Kivell
Treasurer: Ruth Morgan
Newsletter editor: Alan Jackson
Webmaster: Ian Fleming
Committee members: Marjorie Spittle [Immediate past Chairperson], Margaret Feist, David Kitchingman, Frances Smithson, Peter Wishart.
As Gretchen is unable to take up the position of Chairperson until after her
retirement in June, Marjorie will be acting Chairperson in the meantime.

General Business:

1.      The organisation and administration of the library was discussed at
some length. Peter pointed out that there was alot of physical work involved in moving 125 books. Peter suggested reducing the number of books. Marjorie suggested the job could be split up so that one person administer the library and another manage the physical side. Margaret suggested that people could order the books so that all the books would not need to be brought along to a meeting. Frances suggested we investigate having a locked cupboard on castors on the premises that could be rolled out each meeting. Bruce suggested putting a list of the books on the website.

Ian offered to catalogue all the books and put them on the website. We could consider offering people the chance to take outdated books back that they had loaned to the library or ask for their permission to dispose of them. The issues of the library will be discussed at the next Committee meeting. Meanwhile Ian was thanked for his generous offer to list the books on the website.

2.      Quiet time. The 2 minute quiet time before the start of the meeting
was reviewed. Those present were all in favourof continuing with this. Robin suggested we trial it for a further period of time. Ian was initially opposed to it but is enjoying it. Margaret thought it was a chance to change from the eating and chatting to centring ourselves on the meeting ahead.

We will continue the practice in the meantime and ask in the newsletter for others to give their feed back.

The meeting closed at 7 p.m.

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