May 10 2013

May 2013 Newsletter

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Exploring Meaning in Life
Newsletter MAY 2013


 We Start With…

A two minute period of silence.

From the Acting Chairperson

Welcome back to our newsletter editor, Alan, after his break in the North Island. The committee met recently and are well on the way to finalising our programme for the year. As some dates for different speakers still need to be confirmed, the full programme will not be available till the next newsletter. We have managed to secure a meeting with Lloyd Geering later in the year, and Colin Gibson will lead us in June with his presentation on the Jesus Seminar. There are new books appearing on topics of interest to our group every year and we have a well-read membership. We would like to have offers from people who wish to share the review of a book they have read, followed by discussion on relevant questions. Please let me know if you would be willing to lead a session in this way. We are grateful that Ian Fleming has accepted the role of librarian. He outlines some changes to its organisation in this newsletter. Please remember the earlier start time for the meal- 5 p.m. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting where we will further debate the euthanasia issue.


Next Meeting

Richard Egan’s discussion of Spirituality at the End of Life was wide ranging, informed by his practical experience and his academic research. To follow up one of the topics which were raised, and which evoked considerable interest, we are going to look at ethical, legal, practical and personal questions concerning euthanasia.

We shall approach it through a paper written by Dr Roberta Highton, one of our members for many years. Robbie, in her professional life, was a highly respected psychiatrist in practice in Dunedin.
She died last year, while on a visit to her family in England, where she grew up. The occasion was a family wedding, and she went knowing that her health meant she might not return. The paper shows both the clarity of her mind and the depth of her compassion. It will be read by Margaret Feist. It is closely argued so at the end of each major stage, there will be a break in the reading for discussion before moving to the next stage.

Forthcoming Meetings

Colin Gibson is happy to lead us in June on the subject of the Jesus Seminar and Lloyd Geering will give a presentation on August 1st. (Lloyd is a Keynote at the 150th of Otago Boys’ at that same week). We will have no meeting in July and two in August.

A different library display

The following is an experimental library innovation.
1. At its root there is the Library ‘page’ on the website. Click on:
Here is where the books are arranged alphabetically by author, with reviews to help your selection. Also listed against each title is its publication year and whether it is currently ‘in’ or ‘out’.
2. Browse down through the catalogue and record any selection of interest.
However, alphabetically-listed authors is little help if you wish to read within a subject area. Here, I recommend you use the computer’s “Find” function (under the “Edit” menu on a PC, Command F on a Mac).
3. At the meeting, the books will be in boxes, spine up, again arranged alphabetically by author.
4. Withdraw your selection and note your withdrawal details in the exercise book as usual.
5. Return any books in the ’empty box’ (not sure what this will be yet) and record such in the exercise book.
All the above experiment is subject to review!

Ian Fleming

Tentative librarian.

Sea of Faith Conference 2013
Lindisfarne College, Hastings
4th – 6th October

Registration will come in a month or so, but for early birds thinking about travel etc…

Air travel to Hawkes Bay can be very expensive. People who will be travelling by air are advised to book tickets early.

There are ample single rooms available at Lindisfarne College, however, those preferring to stay in a motel need to be aware that there is a race meeting in Hastings during the weekend of 4-6 October, and it would be wise to book early.

Nearby motels are Frimley Lodge Motel, Elmore Lodge Motel and Cumberland Court Motel.


Newsletter Editor:
Alan Jackson
55 Evans Street
Ph: 473 6947

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